The Anxiety That surrounds The Issue Of Lack Of Marital Relations

So, I've touched on this a bit in responding to others.

One thing I'll reiterate is that if this wasn't an anonymous forum I doubt I could even brave talking about it.

I'm feeling extremely anxious. I'm guessing some of the wives in similar situations will relate.

Others would laugh at what I'm about to say next.

I am completely anxious and fearful. My husband and I had the rarity of sex four times last week. That truly never happens. I don't even remember when it happened last. I just know what comes next...

The longest dry spell ever generally ensues.

I used to go nuts trying to do everything I could to "fix" it.

Anyway, in my logical mind, I know this could literally mean no sex indefinitely. Super painful.

Anyone have a way that they get through this piece of anxiety over knowing they will not be having sex for lord knows how long?