Argues,then completely forgets, and do as if nothing happened!

My husband does as if nothing is wrong next day,he was completely out of control last night and really upset and throwing accusations,tantrums,and today he would come and speak to me over the phone as if "nothing" happened.I am in the storm with lots off wind, but the roof has not gone as yet!I am feeling depress,and I need to address this to him or else he would always be this way,but,I can't because I have been educating myself on ADHD and that is not going to change him.Only the will power on his part to change and make change,and to address this ADHD on his own without me parenting him.I am lost!I am at a puzzle and I can't find the pieces to fit back,I am very very tired,I don't really want to speak to him right now,but,I have no choice.I am being held up against my own will to move on,He is very good at confusing me,nice today evil tomorrow,and then on and on,same thing!