Audio Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD

When you hear the term “brainwave entrainment” you may have several thoughts. First, what is a brainwave exactly? You’ve probably heard the term a million times, but do you really know what it is? Secondly, how do you train brainwaves? And finally, how can this help ADHD? These types of questions are very typical and completely normal. So you don’t have to worry, you’re not alone in wanting answers to these questions. To answer your first question, brainwaves can be defined as the electrical operation of the brain. When the brain operates, the nerve cells of the brain send electrical impulses, which causes quick voltage fluctuations in the brain. This occurs in various parts of the brain and there even varying frequencies that these occur in. The varying frequencies correspond with the certain mental states that occur in the brain as well. Now, to answer your second question, audio brainwave entrainment is when you play audio that uses pulses of sound near the frequency that the brain is operating at. You can even use audio brainwave entrainment to persuade the brain to change its frequency. What happens in audio brainwave entrainment is that the brain begins to “follow” the frequency of the pulses of sound. Audio brainwave entrainment uses technology that inserts subtle beats, modulations and pulses into music. When you listen to the music, slight vibrations occur in the ear drum that is then echoed by the brain. The brain then begins to help you change your mental state. If you are a person who suffers from ADHD you probably have issues focusing. Individuals with ADD/ADHD have specific brainwave patterns. Through audio brainwave entrainment the person is able to actually speed up their brainwaves so that they can begin to concentrate. The audio causes the left brain to remain dominant so that the person can increase their ability to concentrate, reduce emotional response and also to reduce hyperactivity. These audio brainwave entrainment increases the beta brainwaves and acts as a “mental workout” of sorts. You are able to increase the electrical activity in the brain, increase the blood flow to the brain, and promote new nerve cell growth in the brain. Individuals can cause major shifts in the brainwave patterns after one short session. However, to change your emotions and behaviors over time you will want to use a series of sessions on a regular basis over several months. Eventually, your brain will be trained to produce these same patterns on its own, thus allowing you to have greater control over your ability to concentrate and reduce hyperactivity. More information about brainwave entrainment