Auditory processing/dyslexia/learning disability.

My spouse has auditory processing/dyslexia and a learning disability.Which I read is coexisting in (some)cases of ADHD.I have noticed his learning disability when I saw he can't spell "some"words correctly.A simple word like for ex:"double",he has the thinking and the auditory processing all wrong,he would hear a commercial on TV for example and make it out to be different,he has been doing this with even me.If I were to tell him something like"hey please don't do that again"and in a soft tone,he would tell me that I was being nasty and that I have no right telling him that.Then we would start to fight over his misinterpretation with me.

This is dangerous,this could be controlled but I clearly don't know how? he has this problem since I know him and it is getting worse.He would have these wrong auditory processing"ALL THE TIME" I could be at my home or at work and he would walk in on me looking all mad for no reason like he saw something that was wrong and truthfully "nothing"is going on just the same routine almost everyday.He would see me doing something now and then he would not process it at that moment,but,then he would go home and process it differently.Like my work attired for that matter,everyday he would see me in the same work outfit,then 2 to 3 months will pass then suddenly my outfit is too tight,or my make up is to heavy.


has anyone experience this?