Being constantly let down by your ADHD spouse.

There are so many things I want to do. So much I would like to explore, but H would rather just sit and play his video game for 8-10 hours a day and drink. Some days he'll come up with all these ideas, like "We need to take a long weekend and go camping". I say "Yes. When and where do you want to go?" He'll say "I don't know, we'll just find some place and go." Well of course that never is spoken of again and if I brought it up he'd be all "why don't we wait a few weeks when there'll be less people" or whatever to not go. Not like we can just up and go anyways since places are booked months in advance. And it we did book in advance you can be sure when the time came that he wouldn't want to go.He works at a powersports shop and told me SEVERAL times before summer arrived that they can take out any motorcycle, boat,  jet ski, etc for free for a weekend. He told me how we'd take one of the swanky motorcycles and go camping and how he was going to take a boating class so he could get his license to take a boat out. As you can imagine, none of that came to be.


Back in April he called me at work and said "How would you like tickets to a baseball game?" Well he hates sports and I like sports, but I'm not a fan of baseball which he knows, but he said it would just be a fun day out. I tell him "ok" assuming that these were tickets that he was getting for free. Well then he tells me that there's a guy standing right in front of him who came into the shop and is offering 8 baseball tickets and $75 worth of food vouchers for $100. Um, now you've just put me on the spot. Why didn't you tell me that first? So I don't renege and then he tells me that I'll have to pay for them because he doesn't have the funds at the moment. Great, so I'm paying $100 to go to something I would never pay to go to! Yup, those tickets have been sitting next to our front door now since April and he's never made any mention of going to a game and seeing how there's only a couple weeks left in the season and the tickets are only good for games Mon-Thurs when we have to work (another thing he failed to tell me!), we won't be going.


He was so amped that one of his buddies had a ticket to go to this video game thing yesterday. The thing had been sold out for months but he offered H a ticket. H comes out into the living room on Thursday night saying he's going to go to this thing with his buddy yesterday. How he really likes hanging out with the guy and never sees him. I think to myself "I bet you $100 you WON'T be going". Sure enough yesterday I say to him "So aren't you going to that show?" and he goes "Nah." He never told the guy and the guy texted him twice yesterday morning wondering what was going on but H didn't even look at his phone yesterday. I just saw the messages come in, but never told H because he was so into his video game. I just can't believe he didn't even let the guy know he wasn't coming.


It's just the constant me getting excited that we're going to go do something and then when the time comes, he changes his mind because he just wants to chill out at home and play his stupid video game, which he plays for hours every single night and played for 8-10 hours every day this Labor Day weekend. Or he's tired, or cranky or doesn't want to deal with people. Then when we don't do something and I say I'm bored he goes "Well it didn't seem like you were excited to go out." It's hard for me to get excited about anything he says anymore because it never actually happens!