Big slug;)

We swapped cars so that I could use his truck to move into my new place. He kept telling me he was going to wash and detail it. How we needed to meet early so he could get it done. Uh, it takes me about 20 min to do that well and HE'S the one claiming to be a master detailer:/

Well, he claimed no time to detail it after washing it. Not even a quick vacuum. 

I get my car back and it looks exactly the same. He has the nerve to give me a coupon for my next wash. I took my finger and dragged it across the car several times, taking off layers of dirt. I asked him why in the heck would I use that carwash again if my car didn't get clean. 
He says, "oh, I didn't have time to complain". He had approximately 5 free hours people.... He drove my car through an automatic wash and still didn't have time? So lazy and just not right in the head anymore. 

He put gas in my new car and now the emissions light is coming on. I hope to god he didn't put diesel in there. He is so useless lately that it is a possibility and would not be the first time......he put the gas in the wrong tank of a moving truck even with the huge sign pointing down saying DON'T PUT GAS HERE. 

Why is he getting worse and worse?

He constantly whines about needing a better job, but when I recently casually mentioned that "living wage" jobs are hard to find, he goes "No, they aren't. I have a great job". Um, if that is the case why is he always crying to me about how hard it is to get a better job?! I'm so dang confused!!

Almost every interaction with him comes with some insane confusion.

He texted me at 3:30AM on Sat night about helping me move big stuff on Sun. His excuse was he had no other way to contact me. Right... He gives my email out for important stuff. Email is viable. Plus he knows that late texts are a NO-NO with me. He's mad that me and my friends deleted him from social media. After the crap he has said and done, he needed to be out of my social circle. He's s jealous after two years and I am seeing someone casually. The less he knows, the better. 

Why is he so inappropriate? I try to be normal with him. I am a happy soul that always likes to joke around. Lately, he has no sense of humor or anything. I tell him I have a girl crush on the UPS lady. Seriously, she brightens my work days. He says, "you should hook me up with her". What?!?! I would never hook anyone I liked or respected up with this guy. It would be cruel. I do hope he finds someone honest and loyal, but I wouldn't do that to someone. I cared about. 

I moved this weekend, by myself. On Monday, he asked me if I was taking our son this weekend. Well, DUH!!, who can move stuff and watch a toddler?!? Then on Saturday, he asks me again. HELLO ?! I have a new apt crammed full of boxes and I can't see the kitchen. Then he asks me when I'll take back my 70lb dog. Again, HELLO?! I am HERE in YOUR freaking state moving into an apartment so I can make a life here and NOT HAVE TO move back down south with your son. Give me the HELP you PROMISED!!!!! His crazy Mom wants ALL of my stuff out of her house because she's angry at me for leaving and daring to have an opinion about her actions after I told her I found an apartment. Geez, I was NEVER supposed to live with them. I just got stuck there after my dog got hit by a car in front of their house! How is he not thrilled that I moved here, found a job, found friends, and found an apartment? HOW?!?!?!  Yet when I threaten to move back if I have no reason to stay here, he calls me a bully? Then after calling ME a bully, he takes ALL of the money out of the bank so I can't move. NOW, who's the bully? I give him all the time he wants with his son, but he constantly asks me when I AM taking him back. It's horseshit. I watched him every single night and day for almost 4 years. Plus I grew him and birthed him! My ex even tries to force me to hug or kiss our child like he thinks I'm not doing it enough. I feel like strangling him sometimes! I can't believe how crazy his mind is now!

His Mom. Let me tell you about this nut. I moved to her house on a Monday. My dog got hit by a car and hospitalized on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, she breaks down and kind of yells, "if you're going to live here, don't be like my sister Marla!" See, Marla was a slob who never helped around the house. Just like her son....... The next thing she tells me is to "please not sit in HER chair anymore". Ok, so my dog might not survive and I'm crying uncontrollably all day, and THIS SELFISH IDIOT brings up household chores and personal chairs at the kitchen table. She needs a job and a hobby. Her house is the most disgusting one, inside and out, in the whole county. No, I am NOT exaggerating. Two big dogs and no vacuuming. Smoking in the house. Major hoarding issues. It's bad. 
Dealing with these nuts is so hard!! I'm glad I moved out!! Having the freedom of split custody almost isn't worth the move. I know my son is loved by them at least. It's the only consolation.