The big three

Looking around this site I see that there are three recurring things people complain about with ADHD more than others. Before I get diagnosed and get professional help here is my strategy to go it alone: 1) to do lists Am I right in saying that we bite off more than we can chew and leave lots of lose ends rather than completed tasks at the end of the day? My goal here will be to do two planned things and one reactionary thing each at home and work every day. No more than that. All other stuff has to wait until tomorrow or be built into the daily routine (brush teeth, read write on this forum, workout etc). 2) timekeeping We are systemically flawed when it comes to showing up on time right? For me this seems like I'm stuck in my head with my thoughts too much. When I look up, reality hits me and I have only one minute to get to my appointment 15 minutes away! Coffee seems to zap this stuck in head issue. I will drink 3 cups of joe a day to stay in the game punctuality wise. 3) emotional intelligence There seems to be a lot of overblown reactions to things in the ADHD community. We go way too positive and way too negative, we fixate on things people say, we ignore people and then get all argumentative. My urge to do this stuff is completely absent for hours after an intense work out. So I will hit the gym every morning. Hard. Hopefully meds can help here so that I don't have to work out twice a day! Any thoughts?