Book Buzz

I just finished reading a new book by Katherine Ellison - "Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention"

It is a really good and interesting book!  It is a non-fiction biography-type of book about a mom (Katherine Ellison) with ADD who is parenting a 12 yr old son with ADD (and ODD), nicknamed "Buzz."  As an ADD Mom with an ADD 13 yr old son, it was fascinating, humorous and sometimes sad to read it.  Katherine is a reporter who is having so much trouble with her son, that when he defiantly screams at her to please "Understand me!" she decides to take a year "off" to try to do just that.  She researches and writes this book as her work during the year.  She uses her position as a reporter, her contacts and her own financial resources to interview all kinds of people in the field and try different methods of treatment from SPECT scans and neurofeedback to medications, tutors and meditation as well as attending lectures, classes and a CHADD conference and exploring alternative educational school settings.  This is a GREAT book for families with ADD in two or more generations.  Her writing style is fun to follow (at least for me as a fellow ADD-sufferer!).  It can be a little irreverent in places, but overall, I highly recommend this book.  It was refreshing to read an ADD book with a little different twist than the typical scientific or self-help perspectives.  

I purchased this book for my Kindle, so I know it comes in e-reader versions if you prefer that.