Bringing the crazy train to a HALT! adhd/add/ptsd




The train has made an emergency stop, those wishing to stay off exit to station to begin immediately learning healthy tools for change, those wishing to continue on doing same old thing, expecting different result please stay seated.  Please be aware those who are exiting the train, are choosing to still love those who remain seated, and also choose to try a different approach in order to improve their emotional and physical Heath. And that of their family!  

For those who choose to exit, please beware!  You are going to encounter blame, attacks, opposition, incorrect perceptions projected onto you, stand firm, this too shall pass!  For those remaining on the train you can exit anytime you choose, it is your choice, you will not be manipulated, controlled, or attacked by staying aboard.  Please be aware you are will not be allowed to utilize any of those unhealthily skills to coerce your husband,wife,or family member to get back on the train with you!!!  You have a right to stay and they have a right to leave and you can choose to join them when ever you wish, and become honest, open and willing to pick up the tool belt of healthy skills it takes to enter the station!

Those entering the station perfection is not required only a willing ness to begin the journey to change and healthiness!!

God Bless you all!!