Cat Scratch Fever

I haven't written in what feels like years - but thought I'd reach out for some feedback.

I am actually very depressed. My ADHD partner and I adopted a cat recently - and it caused all sorts of turmoil. I thought the cat would bring us routine and emotional balance. I found her to be delightful and sweet - but my husband seemed to be hyper-focused on her. He became strange, he followed her around and sort of treated her like a dog or a baby. He was constantly monitoring her activity and really tried his best to control her. I enjoyed the randomness. I found it refreshing and loved having something to focus on besides my husband. But he became very upset at it.

I signed the adoption papers to get the cat and he signed them to return her. He never does anything swiftly - he's always full of excuses, I have to remind him a bunch to follow through. So it was amazing that without my help - he found the adoption agencies website and got the ball rolling on returning her. I suppose I felt like his swiftness sent me a message that he wasn't feeling the cat - so despite my angst and grief about giving her up - I went along with it.

So, the cat is gone now and I'm terribly sad. The house is quiet. He says he likes the quiet - but I'm finding it depressing. He tried to get the cat back for me - but they said no - because of all the back and forth about returning her. I feel so angry at him - because the cat was bringing me joy during this depressing time and he seems to just want to be miserable.

Just curious about the hyper focus on the cat though. What was that about? I read that pets bring emotional balance and good health to the owners. I certainly felt optimistic and happy to take care of the cat. But he seemed really irritated and frustrated with not being able to control her.