Challenges with my new diagnosis and non adhd husband

Married 13 yrs. Husband suffered a mild mtbi and severe physical injuries from a bicycle accident.  He was hit by a car.  He has fully recovered,  but it took place about 8yrs.

During that time my adhd symptoms became severe and affected my life dramatically. I think I reacted to his angry outbursts and he often experienced road rage with me in car.   He doesn't remember much about  the accident or several months after. His memory of that time never returned. 

I have flown under the radar for my whole life.....decades....

Who triggered who, it doesn't really matter but I walked on eggshells for several years as he healed.

I guess I lost all my structure when he was hurt so badly by the .  He was often very angry and critical and experienced road rage which was very frightening to me being in the car.

I was naturally drawn to his type A engineer but I think my adhd has been very overwhelming for him normally.  Now that his rage is under control he is doing great.  My symptoms are off the chart.

Trying to hang in but not sure if too much damage has been done to our relationship.