Chore problems, possible willingness to get evaluated.

My wife and daughter are out of town.

My son wanted to earn money toward a video game, so he raked leaves.  He told me he was done.  The leaves were in several piles--he did not bag them.  I had told him the bags were in the garage, but he did not remember that.  He then bagged a couple of the piles and said he was done.  I saw several more piles in the yard.  He bagged a couple more and said he was done.  I pointed out two remaining piles.  He bagged those.  I checked, and found that he had left the leaf chute that holds the paper leaf bags open in one of the bags.  He also overstuffed the bags.

I decided to have a conversation about ADHD with him.  He denied that he has ADHD, but (somewhat surprisingly) said he was willing to get evaluated.  Hopefully he will not forget saying that.  (That's not ADHD.  That's just me being lazy.  That's just me forgetting things. Etc.)

Later in the day, we had to clean up the basement from plumbing problems.  I told him to take the dirty water outside and dump it in the rain sewer so that it did not reinfect the sinks or tub I had just clean.  He said he had done so.  When I went back down to the basement after there had been enough time for the floor to dry, I saw the bucket full of dirty water.