Civility, respect and understanding required

There have been a few heated posts that included personal attacks and profanity.  We are here to learn and heal, not hate and attack – we all have had too much of that in our personal lives, we don’t need it or want it here.

We do want honest and open discussion.  Some of that discussion will be painful for others to hear.  Replying with respect, but where the message is not sugar-coated or easy to take, is what this site is for.  Attack the symptoms of ADHD and their resulting behaviors, attack the poor behaviors of spouses towards each other in relationship impacted by the affects of ADHD, but do not attack the others who come to this site for help and healing.  Also, do not take attacks on symptoms and actions as attacks on people.  Very candid and frank discussions may be very painful to hear by some.  You come here to solve some very deep-rooted problems.  Solving them will be painful.

So, please be respectful and understanding of others.  Be civil (that means no profanity directed at others, and no personal attacks).  Take others motives who are trying to help, even if the message is difficult for some, for what they are.  A response that can be perceived by some as inducing pain is not necessarily an attack on the person, but can be merely trying to illuminate the others sides of a story.  Be understanding.  I will edit or even delete any posts that go over this line.