College Student that doesn't know that she is ADD

I have a daughter that is in college and doesn't know that she is ADD. My husband was diagnosed two years ago and finally faced the fact 4 months ago after I told him I was going to leave if he didn't do something. Now that we know was is wrong I can see it in our daughter and can relate to the problems we had raising her in her teen years. We have very little communication she doesn't have time for us or for friends because she doesn't have time. She has many of the same traits as her father. I can remember her sitting in her room and telling her to clean it up I could go back later 10 minutes or an hour and nothing would be done. I asked her why and she would say I don't know where to start. My husband is the same way in the garage he doesn't know where to start. I would like to know how we get her help without causing more problems or at least making her aware that she does have some of the same symptoms. She will be devastated by this information .