Compassion for my husband at work

My husband has fairly severe ADHD.  He is also high intelligence, so he was able to compensate for a long time.  Once job and family etc. etc. came along things became complex.  He was not diagnosed until he was an adult. He is a pastor.  His parishoners, especially in leadership have no understanding of ADHD, though we have tried to explain.  There is no attempt to learn, only criticism.  If I can work with my husband so can they.  I feel so defensive.  He is often tired, or occasionally will forget something.  He runs late.  He has quirks, like doodling etc.  There is a lot of hostility toward him because he is different.  This really hurts me.  I feel so defensive of him and angry because people come to me as if I can "fix" it.  "It" doesn't need fixing!  It is just a different situation.  I am studying to become a therapist as a result of living with and ADHD husband and child.  I think there is A LOT of room for understanding and certainly flexibility.  This seems like a no-win situation.  It really makes him feel defective.  YUCK.