Correct diagnosis?

I have thought for years that my DH (45 y.) has ADD. Many symptoms seem to fit (always late, cannot start/finish projects, disorganized, distractible etc etc). Also, Ms. Orlov's book about ADHD and marriage seemed to fit perfectly with my own experience. I read this forum regularly and can identify with 99,99 % of the frustrations. DH's father suspected that he himself has it, and DH's cousin has the diagnosis.

However, a psychiatrist that DH finally agreed to see says that DH cannot possibly have AD(H)D because he has never "climbed the walls", doubled a year in school nor had trouble with the law and because he is able to concentrate (as demonstrated by one one-hour meeting with the doctor during which DH was of course on his best behavior).

The doctor's mind is now absolutely made up. It may very well be that DH does not have ADD but I feel quite baffled as in my view the doctor's reasoning is not very extensive. But after he came up with this conclusion, it was to no avail when I tried to say something to him about the subtypes of ADHD or the fact that DH has above average IQ and was therefore able cope better with his symptoms in his youth.

I realize that this is a very short description of our situation but would you say that the doctor made his up mind too quickly?