defensiveness,lies,anger,shaking and cold feet.

The way my husband would react to certain questions i have for him really makes me wonder 'IF' he is lying,i am not a professional and i can SEE right through this man! some on here should really give me an in put after i am finish detailing this out..

right,so we separated for a week or so,after this short separation we decided to try once more.Most here already know my situation, for the new ones i would re-write it as short as i can.

Hubby and i live together for the first 6 months of marriage,i helped him save money hoping he would buy the truck that he nag me with for months he wanted,time came he took all the money and rented a place and left not to far away from where we lived before which is my house. He said he can't live with me and my mother,the same place that sheltered him all the while.Anyways,i could not go and live with him because i have my kids at home here and my work set up at home.Right,things were fine until he started nagging me for NOT LIVING WITH HIM,this went on for 2 years.

The nagging stopped for a while(on and of ) and started back again recently.A few weeks ago i started getting a lot of burning in my urine,told him i am getting it checked out,he got mad,chased me,cursed me,said that i was accusing him of cheating on me and i never said that.So i went to the doctor's ALONE,got tested came back negative.

Then few days after ,i got back sick again for something else,went to do the operation ALONE,no support,no help,NOTHING from DH.I started feeling so alone going through all this by my self,i became feeling neglected,unloved and i told him with all the fights,the cursing,chasing etc,that i think we should give this relationship a final break.

Funny thing is,he never ever budged,he did not hesitate,almost as if he could care less.I had that sense of feeling deep in my gut that he always had someone else.

Some one came up to me and told me that they have been seeing my husband on surveillance on my street driving up and down at mid night during the week,then they told they also saw him late at night with a woman by a snack shop couple blocks away from home.

I'll be damn,should i believe this person? well,after all the signs that my hubby has been showing of late there was only one thing to do! Confrontation time!

I went by him tonight and asked him the dreaded question,

me:are you cheating?

him:what medications are you taking woman,you are acting mad!!!!!

me:what are you plans for our future?

him:why did you come up by me to torture me and you know that i have work tomorrow!!!!!!!!him:,shouting,shaking,eyes rolling hands all over...

him:get out!!!!!!! get out!!!!!!! get out!!!!!!...

SO,he took out his apartment keys off my key holder for the thousand times and ran me out for the million times.


is he really cheating????? i feel very disconnected for the first time like this,we had many fights before but i never felt him so distant..

I forgot to mention that i mentioned to him tonight that from this Sunday i'll be sleeping over at nights and he said NO! not until we got a bigger place..he is the one not agreeing to the living arrangements and he cold turkey out.