Delay in Processing

One of my greatest strengths comes from my ability to be creative and think outside the box......I am eternally curious.  With that. also comes my insatiable need to learn new things.  At times....that can be to my detriment, but only when I don't think far enough ahead for my own good.  It does seem to go with the territory!  And to the can't have one without the other and this much I learned from being a student of life.  I love life and being a student within it.  That's a fancy way of saying.....I love to learn and this has never been my problem. 

Neither has taking risks and so far......I have managed not to kill myself in the process! lol  If you think about it....letting yourself become vulnerable requires a leap of faith sometimes and I have been practiced at that art for most of my life.  It's a good skill to have but it has taken a long time to acquire it.  Making mistakes and a fear of the unknown are the two fears that I don't have.  This just comes from doing things wrong enough times and having other people tell you that and being forced to weigh what they say against the experiences themselves. Forced is a good term to use sometimes but....there is always something to learn from any situation you are in or anyone no matter how smart they are.  Sometimes the smartest people have less to teach you than the least likely person you could ever imagine that could teach you anything.  This is something that I have discovered and known for a very long time. But most of all.....the experience itself is by far the best teacher of all without question.  I've told people at times that I am a collector of skills and experience and learning how to use them has also been one of my best qualities.  As any student knows......mistakes are part of learning and you can't learn without them and it's hard to learn anything without them.  That's why I love to learn and be a forces you to make mistakes and learn from them.  I think that's so cool!!:)

  I've been told many times in more words that I have more "balls than brains"....but I don't see it that way.  I've also been told that I am strong and brave and I don't see it that way either.  What I see is that learning new things is just more important than not having the experience in order weigh what other people tell me against what I've learned to be able to make my own decisions just so I can survive and know what I'm doing. How else can you know?  And others I said I'm just crazy but .....I'm defiantly not crazy! I'd say that's just being smart....or is it?  Maybe wise is a better term but most of the time.....I don't feel that wise either.  Maybe I should rethink these things?  Another delay in processing I guess?:)

What I do think right now in the that this forum is a good place to learn new things for anyone who has ADHD and I am thankful for the teachers here that I have helped me learn more about myself, than I have learned a such a short period of time.  It took a while to figure out the process, but it was what I asked for and without knowing it at the time....I was being heard. Be careful what you ask for right? But in this case.....I wasn't wrong.   Really, that's all I needed in the first place and it was lovingly given to me even though I didn't feel it for quite some time.  I may be a littles slow at times....but slow doesn't mean you don't have the ability to learn.  No matter what anyone says to me on the contrary......believing in myself has always been one of my best matters less how long it takes, but just that you get there.  A good notion to follow coming from the word or the quasi wise! lol

Yeah....Okay,   more balls than brains does fits pretty well too.  I have to remind myself of that occasionally in my own thinking from time to time to stay out of trouble!! lol

Just another delay in processing I guess........I can live with that if you can?  And thank your for listening and putting up with me. I apologize for the inconvenience...... I can be a real pain in the ass at times but that's not a bad thing really......just a little stubborn.

But...on occasion within those rare days....... I do have my moments with a few good things to say too........

It takes a village to make a villager:)  Thanks again for listening.