Denial, blaming and separation

Hi there! It is a long time ago that I did write you guys. I do live alone now with my three kids as my husband and me are now permanently separated. He had finaly in January agreed to get tested more thoroughly after he had a depression and acted strangely while on Ritalin. He went because I did force him by telling him that I expect him to go. Sadly he did tell the psychiatrist that everything is fine with him and did fill out the questionnaires accordingly. The Psychiatrist asked to see me as well, so I came and did tell him as much as possible in the one hour, about his deppressive mood and anger mostly. He went afterwards to see him a couple more times. I read the report recently when my husband asked me a couple of times if I wanted to read it. Things were still not good with us, so I sensed that there was something odd that he asked me to read it. I did not read everything as I was to shocked after it said that he had a depression because of our marriage problems and then there came al kinds of problems I - his wife - does have, like low self esteem, emotional unstable et cetera. That really opened my eyes that my husband must be either mean or in deep denial or unable to see....anyways there was the suspicion from his former psychiatrist that he probably could be bipolar as well, which really could be true as he is again after his last depression "up and running again".... Our poor kids are shocked and confused. I know that the Lord is with us. It says in the bible that God hates divorce, but I believe that our sanity is important for him too. I am very, very sad, alone without much friends anymore. It seems that a lot got confused by my charming husband and believed him that I a was the secretly mean spouse who did torment him for years. God is always faithful and I know what the bible says that he will help us.