Doberman and the Porcupine

This is just a humorous post...that came out of something my therapists has used to help me (and us together) understand (my) particular situation with my wife and I. This is done on both of our behalf including my wife and she is in on this too......For me....this helps me in  order to get me to see my wife...from the perspective of a character...or "nature of the beast" way of seeing things.  This is really is helpful for understanding what my not always able to communicate with me as far as her needs are concerned.

I was talking this over with my wife the other night...and I said.."he hasn't given me an animal character yet....I wonder what that would be?

My wife immediately said "A dog!!!!"  And that cracked me up.  Not as in "a dog" as a put down....but my animal character and my....'nature of the beast."  It's perfect...I cannot argue or disagree.  And the first "dog" I thought about...was one of my favorites from my past....since she was just like me in so many ways....that I had to come here and put this into perspective.

As my T was telling me....."Leave the Porcupine alone"....when it's quills are up.  The "nature of the beast"....and my character explaining why this is so difficult to do sometimes.  It is my "nature" leave the Porcupine alone...but I have to go against my instincts and my nature my T made this very clear to me.

I found the perfect video to show this in action.  My girl Doberman....did the same thing.  She just couldn't leave it alone!!! LOL  I'm so much like's not even funny!! LOL

Enjoy it for what it is......I'm a Doberman....what can I say?  It's not in the nature of a just leave things alone!!! lol


Doberman obsession

Doberman..doesn't know what to do with new situations

Doberman shame

Doberman..not good with reading cues   5:11

Doberman  loves animals

Doberman  can't leave it alone