Donald Trump

I know that is a weird kind of off the wall way to title a post in the section called "Progress and Hope"...since, in my personal opinion based on my own experience with a bonifide Narcissist ( amongst a host of other personal problems he has ) as it appears, many are not in disagreement with that assessment including myself (and even in the opinion of the attitudes expressed on this forum as well )  This makes for a fascinating case study in human socio-psychological phenomenon that is really easy to see?  As I have experienced this myself, if you want to see the worst in people, come out of the woodwork...leave it up to a Narcissist to do this single handedly with very little help from anyone else? LOL

And taking that in to account, I listened to a talk about this in retrospect given by Al Frankin ( Minnesota jr senator and former writer / actor for Saturday Night Live.  "Send your money to me, Al Franklin"...if anyone recalls? LOL)  Ahd in this talk, some interesting figures emerged that were really telling?

Apparently, 1/2 of all people who voted for Trump ( 50% of 50%  and taking 1/2 from that in a percentage equal about 13%  of all people in this country ) feel that the President should be able to over ride ( at will ) the decisions of the courts based on our own legal system that has been established from the time our country first began ie: "The Constitution" and the legal and judicial systems that came from said document ) which if you stop and think about "why" the constitution was written in the first place, was to avoid the problems and the inequities in a system from whence the founding fathers came from ie: A Dictatorship / King / Monarchy / Fascists type  simply put.  This kind of floored me thinking......what are these people thinking?  That it would be best interest of the country, to return to a government..where you have one person making the decisions for everyone with no checks and balances to prevent this from happening in the first place?

And then I thought,  well that might be true, if that person was:

A) A Narcissist themselves 

B) Had a single solitary agenda like Abortion for example..that was the single solitary thing on that persons list ( out of dozens and dozens of concerns and issues to deal with as being only (1) of all of that them mattered and all the others are quickly dismissed as irrelevant so therefore,...anyone who is against it, is who I would vote for? ( period )

C)  Other issues involved including the way in which a person thinks, fears, victim mentality , education level, cognitive challenges, social upbringing, regional demographics and any other personality issues or defects or flaws a person might have in the sense of mental health issues or a propensity to have any or a combination of these things themselves?

D) all the above in varying forms or one or the other

And the reason I am saying this is because....that figure makes absolutely no logical, ethical, intellectual or otherwise...common sense what so ever?  To simply say "I think that you should just throw the constitution out the window ( after over 200 years ) and by pass the checks and balances that our country is founded on...simply because I said so...with no logical argument or justification to support such a ridiculous claim?  And fact that you are dealing with a full blown out of control Narcissism at the helm and the totally predictable behavior he immediately displayed from day one ( predictability is the Hall Mark of Narcissism ) and the fact that you still have 13% -25% of everyone in the country, thinking this is still Okay?  With no justification based on our entire legal system and government and the way it's been established and the way it works?  Just do it anyway...because it serves me in some way with absolutely no regard for the rest of the people who live in this country who feel differently about that? I guess?  It blows my mind that that many people in this country...have no idea just how our government and our legal and judicial system actually works and the reason was designed this way, right from the get go?  To prevent this very thing from happening in the first place for crying out loud!!! LOL

The fact is.....the "facts"....seem to be superfluous and irrelevant to this one segment of our society at large including our new President?  And in kind of a "boneheaded"...kind of way as well? IMHO of course?  I'm an I get to say these things. LOL  I will not, and do not....take "party affiliations" or pick sides in these matters between Democrats,Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals....unless the side of the Constitution is being disputed simply put. lol  The constitution and our legal system and the entire premise of the 3 branches of government ie: Judicial, Executive, and Legislative...based solely on the Constitution and the interpretation of the "facts" the only thing that concerns me and what I really care about?

And the fact that the "Executive" branch...shares the same "function" ( kind of ) as the "Executive Function" ( or center ) in our brains, makes this an even more interesting thing to look at and see the similarities based of "Sociological effects"...and "psychological effects" on the individual..and on the public at large?  And the seemingly remarkable similarity in dysfunction when the "Executive" of our country, has a mental illness or Personality Disorder...any way you want to say it assuming that what I am saying is true for the time being?

So I looked up the Demographic Psychosocial Survey of our entire country just to get some more numbers and facts to work with and see how this plays out?  It divided the country in to 3 regions and was based on the Big 5...factors in this kind of research which are:

Mean Big Five standardized scores by cluster profile.

E  Extraversion;

A  Agreeableness;

C  Conscientiousness;

N  Neuroticism;

O  Openness.

This was really fascinating for me to see in comparison here to add into this as a result of this survey inventory or just our country alone (For those who live in the US..not assuming otherwise just to compare apples to apples and not go "global" lol )  I think this is still relevant for anyone living in a different part of the world which would still most likely show up differently based on these results?

And the 3 regions included what they called the Cluster Profile of:

Cluster 1:  Friendly & Conventional Profile   north-central Great Plains and the South tend to be conventional and friendly,

Cluster 2: Relaxed & Creative  those in the Western and Eastern seaboards lean toward being mostly relaxed and creative

Cluster 3: Temperamental & Uninhibited Profile  while New Englanders and Mid-Atlantic residents are prone to being more temperamental and uninhibited, according to a study published online by APA’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology®.

But here's where the data really gets interesting?


Profile cluster 1 "Friendly and Conventional" :  0.31 E,  0.30 A,  0.030 C,  - 0.13 N,  - O.48 Which means people from the South and North Central Great Plains are great when it comes to being more Extroverted, more Agreeable, and more Conscientious, with a slightly negative in Neuroticism...except, are the least open people in the entire country at negative  -.48 as a total score?  In fact...the only area of the country that scored a negative number in the openness category but is still considered Friendly and Conventional which seems to go the opposite of being friendly if you are not open to new ideas and change for example?  That is a funny inverse relationship between the other positive traits?  I wonder how not being open...goes hand in hand with being friendly, or friendly to those with other ideas and  to outside influences and different ways of thinking?  Who are they more friendly with...more to the point?


Profile cluster 2 "Creative and Relaxed"  ( that would include Me here just to point this out )  -0.40 E.  -0.20 A, 0.02 C, -0.55 N, 080.00 O   So it appears that people in this group or region...tend not to be very extroverted or agreeable as much, only slightly conscientious but overwhelmingly not as Neurotic and being the highest on openness of any of the three groups?  This is interesting to see such a contrast between Neurosis and Openness in this inverse relationship here?  Seemingly...the higher the Openness, the lower in Neuroticism?  This might indicate that ( we ) in this group...tend to be kind of a pain in the ass but are open to new ideas, relaxed and creative and the least Neurotic of anywhere in the country as a whole?

Profile cluster 3 "Temperamental & Uninhibited" almost speaks for itself? LOL  -0.33E,  -0.48A, -0.80C, 1.0N, 0.30 Obviously, off the chart in Neuroticism and moderately open...with a low degree of extroversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness as it would appear?  Like I said, it seems the "label" on the category itself...speaks for itself? LOL  Only slightly less agreeable and extroverted than group 2, but off the chart in Neuroticism compared to the other two?  ( by leaps and bounds in comparison? )  That might indicate why people in this region are not as friendly or relaxed as the other two groups? LOL  You think?  Just going off the numbers as a group or a whole here?

What is really that if you took any of these 3 categories and applied them to a person as a personal profile..if that was me, choosing a partner or someone I wanted to be with as a means to do this with nothing would appear that cluster 1 ( person) might be the friendliest, but the least likely to be open to new ideas and change and will be more stubborn or resistant to anything outside of the this or cluster group but be pretty mentally healthy with the second lowest score in the mental health category of Neuroticism?

The second group as a person... . might be more like me for example?  Kind of a pain in the ass...not extremely agreeable, highly conscientious but about even or average but extremely open to new ideas and different ways of seeing things in a more open minded kind of way?  Except I am more extroverted myself than less so I don't fit this exact profile to a T as stated just in that one category with only that exception?

The third group as a person....I am not seeing a lot of positive qualities to pick from?  Low in extroversion, even lower in agreeableness, and even lower in that in conscientiousness, and then spikes through the roof when it comes to being the most Neurotic and being in the middle between the other two in openness but that seems to be the saving grace for this category alone by the numbers if you were just going to pick one as a category to choose a person to be with?  I mean, if you had the choice between Friendly, Relaxed and Creative...or Temperamental and Uninhibited (but is low on extroversion but high in Neuroticism ).....which group as a person...would make a good partner or person to spend all your time with?  That's a good question...and seemingly an interesting way to see this if you had to pick from a sheet of paper and not actually meet that person in real life face to face?  In my mind....category #3 is not even a consideration and even if I thought about moving to a different part of the country ...this would be the last region I would pick as it would not suit my temperament or way of seeing things and especially since I value openness the most...and Neuroticism the least of all as a good quality to have?

The fact is....that the name on the label....describes me pretty well in my attitude about things?  Relaxed and creative...and I don't tend to worry?  As I have said in the past..."I'm easy"...even if I am a pain the ass at times which goes right along with what this is saying?  Actually...I am more friendly in that I am more agreeable, more and a little more conscientious like group 1...but a little higher in Neurosis but am extremely open creative and more relaxed about things and don;t get excited too easily or at the drop of a hat?  I appear to me somewhere in between group 1 and 2 in that regard..but not at all like group 3 in the same comparison?

All of these things suggest the source or motivation for certain beliefs, certain types of thinking and certain types of personalities outside of having ADHD to me?  ADHD doesn't cause only flavors what you got as I am seeing this better and more clearly all the time?

It would be curious now for me to know....where are these 13% of the people who believe that the President can just break policy, break the law, and trash our legal system and throw the constitution in the garbage and say it's Okay for Mr Trump to make shit up as he goes, make his own rules and not even care if what he does is illegal or justified other than to serve his own personal agenda and seemingly nothing else?

What group of people here...would be most apt to think this way or agree with Donald Trump?  Is this a regional sociological thing ( nurture )...or just a completely dysfunctional or person who really has no idea what they are saying...and why what they are saying is absurdly ridiculously to the point of going off the deep end...when thinking that it's just go against everyone else, the law, the constitution, the legal system and the entire premise of this country and what it was founded on and the reason behind why the founding fathers did it?  And want to undo that and go backwards in time and put all their faith in one man who never had to be accountable for anything and do what ever he wants as his only justification...his way despite all of this things....just because?

The creepiest thing I have heard him say recently...was right in front of his own daughter on live television that "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her".  I've got to tell you...that just feaks my shit out ...big time!!! LOL  And he and his daughter were laughing and smiling as if that was funny and were not getting why the other 4 ladies siting there were kind of "freaked out" as well?  Do you blame them? LOL  I may have a different kind of sense of humor sometimes...but that is just  "Creepy." and in living color!!! yikes!!

Anyway, I really am getting a lot of great insight into human behavior and the things that are coming out of this that I can even apply to myself and my wife and the problem we do run into sometimes and how are thinking about things can be so different at times?  Everyone acts in selfish and Narcissistic ways at times..but everyone, does not act like this guy, and that is the biggest difference that is so easy to see?   Like I said, if you want to see the worst come out of the wood work in people as a rule...stick them in a room with a bull blown Narc, and watch what happens?  Something will happen...and it won't really be all that good except for one person? IMHO?