double trouble: ADHD couples

Judging by the posts about the non ADHD partners, it would seem that a relationship that consisted of 2 adults with ADHD would be a chaos ridden battleground, not to mention what happens when little ADHD people come along. My spouse and I have endured each others faults and foibles for over 20 years, 17 of which were undiagnosed. Maybe it is easier to forgive your partner when you recognize your own faults, especially when those faults are echoed in the other. We discovered that the diagnosis was key in improving our quality of life. At least we were aware that we were doing things to sabotage our relationship and it enabled us to take steps to improve. We are still in the process of working all this out. Nobody has written a book about this yet.... Melissa, Ned?

I invite people who are in the same situation to respond with your own situation and battles you've had to face especially the victories that you have won. It would be great to know that we are not alone. Are your ADHD symptoms different to your partners? do you try to compliment each other. My husband can't clean or do laundry really well. I trained myself to do both really well  (in a hyper focus sort of way). I can't seem to manage paper work. Each of us conquers those tasks they are better at. In that way, we have manufactured our own composite non ADHD partner.

How do you cope?