A dream about emotions

Last night, add spouse initiated an attack. This one did not escalate, because I did my best to remain calm, outwardly. Inwardly, my turmoil brought me to pray to God for wisdom. In the middle of the night, I woke myself up screaming from a nightmare. I watched him fiddling with something on his arm first, and then on my arm. I looked down at the place I'd seen him pick it up and realized that he was using a razor blade. He had sliced the blade across his arm, but there was no wound, so he was testing it out on me. When he was finished with me, he told me, in the most calm, detached way, "You'll probably get sick tonight, because there is lemon juice and vinegar on that." Then my arm began bleeding and hurt so much! When I woke, it was so real that I had to check my arm, to make sure it was ok. Then I cried myself back to sleep, thinking that what hurt so much was not that he cut me, but that he had made me sick. Too weird. I am not a dreamer. Had to post it here because i don't know where else to put it ans don't want to hold it in. Thank you for being here.