At end of my rope.

I have been married for 42 years and probably have ADD.  I read the book and it fits to a "TEE" My wife has taken the track that I can do nothing right or in time.She is right and I am wrong period.  She gives me no credence and controls everything.  She tells me how to drive, dress what to eat, and what not.  She even corrects me in public. If I forget something, it escalates almost out of hand. 

I do not drink, smoke or go to bars,  No interest there.  I spend most of my time in close proximity to her, she says she is alone. and I am not paying attention to her.  My hobby is sports cars and I work in my shop each Saturday and always come in to a very cool attitude.  My doctor thinks I do not have ADD, however I fit a lot of the conditions in the book.  There seems to be no group in Phoenix.  I would like to get some diagnosis so I can go forward.