Even if I want it to work, how is it possible to keep healthy?


For example, my husband has severe ADHD he is up all night, sleeps a lot during the day.  I wake easily if he turns on the tv, bumps into something, etc. and this interferes very much with my job.  They have tried giving him a sleeping pill, but even when he tries sleeping with me I cant sleep his foot is tapping, hes rolling around, or talking, etc.  He is easily angry and you never know what mood will occur on a given day.  He is having difficulty keeping a job and I am the main provider although I know he would like it to be different.  I also would like it to be different some day so I can do my art more and work less.  

He has no interest in sex only cuddling but that is difficult to tell if it is ADHD or past trauma.  He doesn't meet my needs often and now I know he doesnt do it on purpose but that he isnt really able to.  The house when I am with him is a full time job, its like living in a pile of filth and I spend all my days off cleaning and its never ending.  I really want things to work, but I guess when ive tried being with him "full-time" I get very sick because of no sleep, and the work it requires to care for everything.  Now I rent a room to get away and im wondering if in order to keep the marriage I may need to do that forever?  Be married but have a room away from it all so I dont get sick?  This ADHD stuff people really dont realize how severe it can be.  The nurse is still trying different doses of ritalin with him and sleeping pills.  Last dosage was far too high and he was sooo anxious up all night and not eating a thing.  So now hes on nothing as we both couldnt take that.  Hope they can figure out a good dosage.  I have a feeling he is so severe ADHD that it may be an actual disability in his case, I hope not but its just the way things are looking 3 years into the marriage.  Thanks for letting me share and vent.