This is an example of how I don't understand how husband's brain works!

He doesn't go to work half the time, can't bring home enough money to pay for his share of bills and mortgage yet just now sends me a link to a Craigslist ad for a "toy hauler" kind of deal--a 14' box truck he says that can double as a race vehicle and traveling rig. It's what he wants for his race weekends with his motorcycle so there's a place to sleep and to put all his stuff. Only $12,500!!  He says that that's what he wants to get if we sell our current truck next year! Really? So we MIGHT get $4000 for our truck and where do you think the other $8500 is going to come from? Your non existent savings?? And what kind of "traveling" do you think we'll be doing that we need something like that? You don't want to go 30 minutes out of town for anything but you want that to go "traveling"? And so then we'll have that and a crappy stick shift car that I can't drive! Once again-brilliant thinking on your part!

Just add this to the firepit, koi pond, planter boxes, new gate for the fence, deck that he is also going to complete on his own. I just want to scream at him and say what the hell are you thinking!