Feeling like you have no voice

I had been with my SO just shy of 5years, and was diagnosed with ADHD last December (we officially ended it about 2 months ago, I am in the process of moving out)

I am usually a hopeful person,and for a long time I held hope it would work. In part it was for us, and in part it was becuase we have a son together. The last two weeks have pretty much depleted any hope I had for a reconciliation down the line. 

I admit my faults, or at least try my best to. I'm forgetful, and I lie often to cover it up. I'm not very responsible and have a difficult time deciding. I get anxious about conflict and shut down, or don't stick up for my SO when I should've. I'm not great at reacting to grief and haven't been great at comforting her during rough times. I know I have bad qualities. I'm sure I have good qualities but that's not the point

I've worked at getting better, wether through following her prompts, being more affectionate, doing spontaneous things, getting medication and therapy, reaching out to forums, etc. I try, I don't always succeed, but I try

i lay that out because I know I'm the big issue. But that doesn't mean only one side needs work, or that because I have faults, my SO does not.


I commites to being open about what bothers me, at her request. Yet everytime I approach angthing, even with a pre warning, even saying it calmly and as nonconfrontational as possible, it becomes and argument. She told me last week it does not matter what bothers me-I have no ground to stand on and she  does not care. She refuses to apologize, admit any fault (even in the presence of clear evidence i.e. Texts,etc), and says I'm just blaming her


When I've expresses that our split has made me sad and I wish we were together, she places it all on me a says I'm the one who needs to change.

i know I need work,and I know I can only change me. But her responses have shown that it won't ever get better in terms of us. It's a sad thing to accept