A few a Questions

Hi, I once had a boyfriend whom had ADHD and learning disabilities. Sadly we are no longer together. I read lots of literature on the condition but some of it I found very confusing and it wasn't until I read up on Aspergers that I gained some real insight as the two can overlap and are very similar in nature or so I have been led to believe. However I am still some what a little mystified and would be grateful for some feed back. Firstly I was wondering if some sufferers have difficultly with communication and finding the right words to use when in conversation with another.Is it quite common for some sufferers to speak to you as though they have already told you about something when the reality is they haven't as sometimes I felt as though I was being treated as if I was a mind reader. Is it quite common for them to completely shut you out as if you never existed and won't talk about what maybe bothering them or that there is something wrong. They were non aggressive and in lots of ways quite kind but for most of the time I felt like they were building walls and refusing to let me I and hyper sensitive and thought I was attacking them when I wasn't which left me feeling quite hurt and at times exasperated.