Finding a therapist and getting medication - LA area

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a therapist in the LA area for couple's therapy and adhd marriages?  My husband and I are recently separated after only 5 months of marriage and I am desperate to get some help.  He has ADHD and major avoidance/anxiety/denial issues.  Our current therapist doesn't quite feel right even though my husband seems to think she's fine.  I, on the other hand, feel like she hasn't really given us many concrete and practical tools to address our issues and she doesn't really seem all that present.  If anyone knows of a good adhd specialist that also works on couple's therapy in the LA area, please let me know.  I'd greatly appreciate it!

Also, in terms of medication, my husband used to be on ritalin and while it helped with his focus, he felt like he wasn't as creative.  i'm curious to hear about other people's experience with different types of medication.  

finally, does anyone know of any adhd support groups in the LA area?

Thank you!!