***F'n Stupid Move!! Ticket.

Is this what it means then:  a life of stuggled relationships and secret or obvious frustration and resentment.  On both ends?  First one that has effected me.  Others I have been the one to conflict pain and suffering without aconsideration but now...I see.  What I did..and what demising feeling it leaves behind.  Confused left...disregarded.  Communication is key regardless of your situation but communication is key.  For me...I'm an excapest..I just made that up..but I retreat into my own head space..while the other is getting more and more frustrated and angry.  Social cues::  this must be it.  I totally missed that, or wasn't ready to accept it.  I don't know.  But by the time it came up..it was too late..(exact words)....now I'm left confused...wait, when did this conversation happen?!?  It really didn't.  So...what I'm saying is:  it totally sucks ending this chapter this way.  it totally sucks.  so horrid...mad angry and condemning.  His lack of emotion and sensitivity...or acknowledgment of my existance is deeply saddening.  Pushing me out the door and helping me pack the last few things for me...first time he's helped throught this whole entire move..entil the end, of course.  most complicated move ever!  only 10 hours!! 

I don't know.  I'm everywhere.  ADHD struggles of relationships, personal whooahs of a relationship, future doubts and hope to ADHD and back to relationship.  Home...versus house.  ?  akds;h!!  $$$$!!!  ticket!!