Frustrated !

My husband has severe adhd. We got married last August and we love each other so much. Before we got married I knew he ran late to things and wasn't very responsible, but I thought it would be okay. In the first few months of our marriage he barely got up in the morning before 11 or 12 for classes (He's in engineering school). There are all sorts of problems like getting places on time, and he is a big procrastinator. He is in school and he started his first year this year and he is failing because he didn't do the homeworks or go much to classes. He said that he wants to only be an engineer, but he doesn't use his time well. We started to see an ADHD specialist and a marriage counselor. It is helping a little with tasks around the house which he never used to do and he is getting up better, but the time issues and school work is driving me crazy. I am also in school and I work a lot! He is also very lethargic and has sleep issues. I want him to fulfil his dream of being an engineer, but how can that happen? I am scared about my our future. He constantly says he wants to change and he does make process, but it's not stable. I am so stressed. I also have ADHD but way different, mainly through organization and the coach has helped me and I have improved a lot. Any adivce?