A full year of success and then this....

I apologies in advance for this, but I needed to vetn somewhere and find advice or experience or something.

As some may be aware of they're loved ones who deal with ADD everyday also deal w/ a history of drug addiction or a very bad driving record...and other attached side effects...for my loved one the driving was out of control....We have our daily battles with the ADD as the 'norm' these days but he has done wonderfully in so many other aspects of his life and now it seems like it could come to a screeching halt...

So what do you do when your fiance has been doing great for a year, dealing well w/ his ADD on meds and counseling, getting his life together, holding not one job (but two), doing amazingly in drug court and getting moved to phase three at the end of this August, has been paying everything off (from regular everyday bills to court fees), stopped driving a year ro so back in attempts to clean his driving record. He is paying 8 courts a total of close to $300 monthly on fees consistently and has not missed one payment in a year (which is more than he was able to do before this past year). He addressed every outstanding ticket and no court has said anything was missed.

We come to find upon working with a lawyer that 1 court (though they had told us he had 'paid off' things he owed them non-the-less, in fact he still owes some minor payment which we will pay but the never bothered to tell us he had an outstanding ticket for careless driving & driving while suspended from 2006!!! We spoke to them in March and then in May to check in on payments and all this news comes out now that he has an outstanding ticket to address?!!?!?!?

I asked them if they sent notices and they had issued a warrant at one point in 2006 and a recall on that warrant after he appeared in court and they agreed on a payment plan - turns out the agreement was for two 'other' tickets and they failed to tell him that he would still be expected to show up to court to resolve two other items, he had though this court date took care of all of them. Anyway, the issue & recall action took place 6 times after the first one because he had explained to them that he was already placed on a payment plan - they never stepped up and said "no, you are on a payment plan for two tickets that are unrelated to the two that we are asking you to come in for" - never once was this said to him!!! The last issue & recall happened in February of 2007 and the court has no further follow up on their end after that date - hence why he had thought all was taken care of finally.

I can't believe I'm facing this again and after how hard and steady and well he's been doing!!! I am praying to god that the lawyer is right as she said she 'may' be able to get the court to dismiss the ticket based on proof of his consistent payments to 8 courts including attempted payments to this court,his no driving for over a year and this incident taking place in 2006 when his life 'was' a mess but is not anymore, his probation officer writing a letter on his behalf to attest how well he is doing and this is an item missed or miscommunicated and why put his life in 'fall back' at this stage considering he is doing so well....and we have a great lwyer and I hope it pays off.

This ticket is nearly 4 & 1/2 years old now!!! He has been cleaning his life up for the past two or three years CONSTANTLY - I just wonder if they will take that into account before saying he has jail time to face for driving while suspended again. He went to jail twice for it but they were tickets that were with in this time period that jail would have been the reasonable decision. I don't know, I can't see how they would make him go to jail on this ticket based off of all the good information that holds strong here but then again he has a really crappy driving record and I don't know what they would do...but the ticket is sooo old.

Any one with any advice or experience of any sort on this...I'm hoping for anything!!! I do know however, this is the ABSOLUTE last item that is plaguing us and thank god for that much!