Getting the ADHD person to realize or stop and ask if they really do have the desease

I've been married for 10 years and it hasn't been an easy 10 years.  Many things have taken place.  I left him for 3 months this year and finally moved home but still not convinced I want to stay married to him.  I have read some of your book that just came out, the 6 signs.  But after reading most of it it made me agree.  He was the one who should read it first because he agreed he would read it.  I have done my research but if he doesn't believe what I say it won't do us any good.  I'm so tired and don't know if it is worth my time and frustrations to work this out.  I have a temper anyway and trying to keep that to a minimum is crazy hard!  He also makes it difficult on me when I do want to end the relationship.  I know he loves me but I'm tired of being alone.  I'd like to do the things I like to do  but I have to go alone or with friends.  I want to do things with my spouse but if he does go it ends up in a fight or its not much fun and I wish he didn't go with me.  I'm a very positive and upbeat person and if I wasn't I would be so depressed right now and I don't want to get to that position in life.  What do I do to get him to take me serious when I want him to learn more of why he does the things he does and that there is help if he does have ADHD.  Which I'm almost 99% sure he does.  I have so many examples and hurt feelings I could go on and on about and wish I could find it deep down to leave him and go through the tough times of a year or so and then not have to deal with this the rest of my life.