getting started

Hi, I'm new here.  I downloaded the free chapters last night and found myself laughing out loud at how much our relationship resembles the ones described in the book.  My husband and I have long suspected that he has ADHD based on his family history, but he has never received a diagnosis.  I would very much like for him to read the chapters and consider examining some of these issues, but I have a feeling this will be met with resistance from him.  I have a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder, and whenever I try to point out ways that I think my disorder is affecting our relationship, he seems to shut down.  He counters my concerns by telling me that I am not a statistic and focusing on positive aspects of my personality.  So I am afraid that this is how he will respond to my desire to investigate how ADHD might be affecting us.  Is there a way to approach the subject that won't be shot down with these kinds of arguments?  Does anyone have a partner who used to respond this way but came around?

I also am worried that even if he agrees to read the chapters he just won't do it... I can already see it turning into something I have to nag him about. :-(