Glass 50/50 FULL .. Glass 50/50 EMPTY?

SERIOUSLY.  Where is that line...?  and who gives them the "right" ..  the {Judge} of. I'm struggling with myself right now.  really struggling for the answer .  time enough to fuel myself enough to just finish to diny amout left.  Just to do it.  Finish This.  I was thinking earlier (argued with myself whether I should post it as in (my thoughts) right then. won but look at me now!!  Posting about it.  HEHEHEHeheh.  Full circle.  

Maybe that's what is meant ...         Full Circle...Start here. (with this small bag of tid bits of your unknown life.   Second..GO...Go and Leave me ALONE...away from your craziness..and mood swings. ..go oo... (I don't want to talk about (ANYTHING) But mostly about. Henry.  I can't even say his name or he flips out.)... Next:  Gooo get em champ!!! This is what we call: Reality and we live here......a planet we call Earth.

This is how I feel about the --- (MY)--- full destain of love, dehunanizing, disabling and dehumbling yet enlightening .  NO...that's really not how I really feel.  .. it's just how I feel right now. and hopefully soon in enough time. they will also soften.  I really hope so.  I hope..therefore it will be.  I've been reading and developing a new self of enlightenment, self discovery spirituality and the energy we perceive as ourselves.  If I see myself as this, then I make life as I see it.  dark and dangerous. then Youll feel like it is and everyone is out for you..  or If you see harmony and inviting..yourll find those moments inviting and free around you: you will 'feed' the force.. in the end:  YOU define your future by positive thinking.  you'll hear the kid in the park ...somewhere I just read:  a mirror is a reflection of how you see the world.  .. in other words (my) words:: How you see yourself, therefore, life your world, is how you see yourself within you.  The world is a reflection of how you feel about yourself..  

I just repeated the same meaning at least 7 ways..the same but a slight difference..word or two...spacing..all that shit.  What the F am I talking about!!??? Oh life right now::  Feelling glass has a dried ring on the bottom due to neglect and a drought. ...Fighting and doing a rain dance.  Fyi.. You?


Hhmm..  So . I started this being very 


Boo boo boo.  well. starting to get it.  the anger to motivate.  I just need to focus on his sbsolute flaws and insensitivies dwel and dwell, then feel victimized and need to defend.  defend self before the attack.  Offense by defence.