Gluten Free Eating for ADHD Symptom Reduction

Eating gluten-free (GF) can reduce ADHD symptoms for the 15% of those with ADHD who also have undiagnosed celiac disease.  (The percent of the general population with celiac is 1%, so this is a significant co-existing condition.)  Here are some of our favorite resources for GF recipes and information:

The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, by Tammy Credicott:  An excellent overview of gluten-free, plus terrific recipes, including a killer recipe for GF English Muffins that are even better than regular (gluten-filled) English Muffins.  Hey, when you make your own there is no limit to the number of raisins you can include...  :-)  One of the best GF cookbooks out there, in my opinion.

The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook, edited by Mairlyn Smith:  Quinoa is a fabulous GF grain that is also a complete protein.  Though not all of the recipes in this book are GF, many are, and they are varied and very tasty.  Two of my favorites are Egg, Lemon and Arugula soup (fabulous) and the Sweet Summer Red Quinoa Salad, which includes beans, avocado, orange slices and more.

The  For those of you who really want to get into healthy eating, this is actually a vegan website, but they classify all of their recipes, including for gluten-free.  The recipes are interesting, unusual, and healthy.