Going thru divorce/seperation, need some support

I'm going through a divorce/separation and need some support.

A brief rundown: STBX wants divorce & I don't (filed in March), no children, age 28, I have ADHD, currently both live in marriage condo until end of June. He now owns the condo and I am being forced to move. We live in a small state. I work 3 jobs to get by (all under $11 an hour).
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm clinically depressed b/c I feel incapable of making any decisions. My family is smothering me and NOT HELPING. They rented a room for me in the city where they live a few states away. They have said hurtful things, such as how my husband viewed it as a "starter marriage “and they don't trust me to make good decisions.” They are acting like the down payment I received back from the condo is within their realm to discuss how it will be used. This isn't fair, just b/c they gave me the money as a gift for the down payment DOES NOT mean they have the right to view it as "their money" simply b/c the marriage didn't work out. They go on and on about how they fear I'll be a Bag Lady. I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until age 27. I struggled a lot in school growing up but still managed to graduate college with a Bachelor's.
They said they would help me financially if I moved to where they live, but not the other state close-by to where I live- they stated the city is a "dump".

I want to go to grad school for teaching. They are not supportive of this at all. They send me multiple articles about teacher layoffs and remind me that they felt I should have studied this during Undergrad, and now it is "too late" and I should go into business to make money. Keep in mind I've worked in a TON of office jobs, and it DOES NOT work for me. I need a job that will allow me to move around, it's really, really tough to sit around all day. I like working with kids.
I don't know what to do, I feel incapacitated by my stifling feelings. I will likely be accepted into a Grad school a state away from my current city. I will also likely be accepted into the Grad school where they live.

I only have until June to move out of the condo. I CAN NOT DECIDE: rent a room in my current city, go to where my family lives, or go to the school a state away. I'm not feeling good about any of it. I feel really lonely. I wish my family stop  suffocating me and be there for me during this difficult time, they are there so far in that they call me 3 times a day but they don't get where I'm coming from. I'm really tired of hurting. I can't deal with 4 divorces at once (STBX, parents & sibling).
I started seeing a new counselor last week, that helped somewhat. I honestly feel like I'm going crazy. It's unbelievable I'm managing to currently work 3 different jobs right now while my whole life is crumbling.