Guess what H did yesterday?? Absolutely nothing!

Arrgh! It makes me so ANGRY! He said he was going to take the cat to the vet and call and electrician. He didn't even step outside to get the mail! I come home to the kitchen garbage overflowing, the kitchen recycle bucket overflowing, dirty dishes sitting on the counter rather than the dishwasher, the cats wanting to be fed all while he's in the computer room playing his damn video game that he has no doubt been playing nonstop all day! Oh and I just love the one thing he always does. He'll turn on the furnace and then within 10 minutes open up windows so the cats can smell the outside! Do you know how absolutely idiotic that is? That's what I came home to as well. The sliding door in the kitchen was wide open (with a screen in place) and the window in the computer room was open. He complains that I do stupid stuff? Who turns on the furnace because they are cold and then immediately opens windows??!!! The guy does not think! Then he can't even hang out with me for more than 15 minutes last night because he had to get back to his game. You have played that ALL day. Can you give me some of your time?! I would LOVE to throw that computer and the tv out the window and then see what he'd do!