Where are his priorities??!!

Let me start out by saying my husband's taste in music and mine are opposite spectrums. He likes the heavy metal/rock and I prefer country. Two years ago my husband got 2 tickets to his favorite band Metallica and he planned on taking his daughter. Well he and his daughter had a huge fight and she didn't want to go with him and he couldn't find anyone else to go with him so I told him I'd go with him so he didn't have to waste a ticket. I thought it would be fun to travel by train up to Vancouver and walk around there for the day before the concert. Well I was TOTALLY out of place at the concert! I managed to get through it but I would never do that again.
Then earlier this year for his birthday I got him tickets to see ZZ Top. I think ZZ Top is ok, although it's not a concert I would have chosen to go to. I went and had a good time, yet still didn't know some of the songs. I told him jokingly then "Oh now you need to go to a country concert with me." He goes "Sure I'd go and do that with you. I can blend in anywhere." I said "Oh really, you're serious?" He said "Sure!" Okay so that stuck with me.
He asked me what I wasn't for Xmas and my usual response is nothing. There really isn't anything I want. My birthday is the day after so I told him to just take me out for dinner. he said he planned on it for my birthday but what did I want for Xmas? So yesterday I sit and ponder what I want.  I emailed him several suggestions, all experiences and not things. The top two were a Kenny Chesney or a Keith Urban concert followed by tickets to Mamma Mia, a spa certificate, an art class together and I told him I hoped he would be my date to them. Well I come home and he tells me "So you want to go to a country concert huh?" I said "Yes I do". He says "I would be so uncomfortable there...even more so than you were at Metallica." Whoa! You TOLD me you'd go to a concert like that without issue since I went out of my comfort zone to go to Metallica. Now you are just reneging on the whole thing making it sound like it would be SOOO hard for you when I was very uncomfortable at Metallica. Then he tells me that he'd feel weird at Mamma Mia when he told me no more than a month ago that he'd love to go to that as he knows ABBA songs.

I go to his motorcycle race days even though I'm bored to tears at them, but he really insists I go to them with him to root him on even though I get ignored by him most of the time. I barely agreed to getting one kitten but now we have 5 of them on top of our two adult ones due to his mom bringing out all 5 of them when we only asked for her to bring a max of two! He tells me all the time how much he appreciates me saying yes to all 5 of them. Now for the next 15-20 years I will never have a moments peace because there will always be a cat somewhere in the house. I am losing my mind right now as they run around everywhere and get into everything. Yet after all I do to make him happy, he can't spend 1/2 a day doing something with me that I like??!!
Sunday night he's online getting gift baskets sent to his mom, stepmom and sister (he has NEVER sent his stepmom or sister a gift before) and paying an extra $10 on for shipping to make sure they get there by Christmas. Yet the box where he's gathering stuff to send to his daughter still sits on our living room floor with some presents still unwrapped and that won't even get sent to her until after Christmas...maybe not even until after New Year's depending on how motivated he is to leave the house to take the box to the post office!. Plus I don't even know if he's going to get me anything at all! Yet my gift to him of $75 slippers sits in the closet wrapped and ready to go. He also asked me if I'd buy him a $200 heater for the garage 2 weeks ago as a Christmas present and I did. 

His priorities are WAY WAY off! Then if I go "So didn't you get me anything"? he'll go "Well you said you didn't really want anything anyways and you seemed okay with not getting tickets to those concerts."

So like I said, just don't get me anything. I can go out of my comfort zone for you but you can't do that for me?