H has been really good lately, but these half done projects are driving me nuts!

As I posted a week ago, H has been really good about going to work EVERY day and staying the ENTIRE day. That part makes me happy. However, I am really tired of these 1/2 done projects that have been sitting around for months. He took down a cabinet and moved it back in January and said he was going to put lighting up in place of it. Nothing has been done. Over 2 months ago he took down a bedroom door that busted and we got a new one. I stained it, but he wanted to lacquer it too so it was shiny. I was not really keen on that because  then all the other 5 doors would need to be replaced and have the same treatment done to them. He said it's easy and it will look really good. Okay. So that gets done and he has to chisel out areas on the door for the hinges. He does that and tries to put it up and says the door is just a tad too big, which is odd because it's a standard door. Said he'd have to sand it down or something. The door still sits untouched in our kitchen. Now I'm sure we'll never give the other doors the treatment because this one wasn't easy and it will bother me that one door is so different from the others. Also about this same time I said I wanted a peephole in the front door because I hate not knowing who is there. We go and get one and he immediately goes to put it in and realizes he doesn't have the right drill bit and says he'll get one. Still hasn't gotten one. Has been saying for months that he wants to build a little tool shed out back for everything. Hasn't done a thing there and the tools are getting all rusty because he never puts them back in the garage. He took the old water heater out last week and put in a new one. I was happy he did that and had it done within 2 hours but now the old one sits in our garage. He said he'd load it into the car and take it to the dump on his way home from work and hasn't.

These things just drive me crazy because if it was me, I couldn't wait to get these things done. If I say one word about it I'll hear "Stop nagging me alright. I'll get to it eventually". He sits around in front of the tv and computer all night when he could be crossing all this stuff off his list.