H seems the total opposite now and works TOO much!

If you look on my previous posts from this year (or even the past couple of years) you will see the majority of my complaints came from H not going to work for days/weeks at a time. Or lying to me about going to work but just killing time at breakfast somewhere and then coming home after I left for work. He said this was all due to hating his manager and a few of his coworkers. Well since September he has had a new lead guy and a new partner. Everything has been great. He hasn't missed a day of work in almost 3 months and he's happy going to work. Even now with the busy season and him having to work some 10 and 12 hour days he's been going in without complaint! however now he won't tell his boss that he can't work this Saturday because he thinks it won't be a problem going to my Xmas party on Fri night and getting up a few hours later for work.  If he's working 10-12 hr days during the week he should NOT be expected to come in on the weekend! I even reminded him 3 times in the past month that my party is Fri Dec 12 and not to work OT that Friday or Saturday. He said sure. However he of course forgot and says he has to work this Saturday. I told him he doesn't HAVE to work. He is choosing to do so. I told him to give an excuse as to why he won't be in but he says he doesn't want to. He said he had been in a funk and wants to get back to his old self of leading the charge. 

Okay I applaud him for WANTING to work, but now when I want him to NOT work and go to this party that he's known about for a long time and enjoy himself and not worry about getting home to go to bed and make my experience crappy because all he wants to do is leave, is when he decides work comes first! I really wouldn't be surprised if he comes home that afternoon and tells me he's too tired to go and I can go by myself!