Having guilt all day long.

Last Friday, our youngest wanted to have a friend spend the night. My girlfriend suggested a slumber party. Each child invites a friend for the slumber party. We have five girls between us, and that meant 10 girls ranging from ages 7 to 10 having a slumber party. I did not object. I decided to take the day off work and clean the house, do laundry and the shopping; I did not inform my girlfriend that I decided to take the day off. I also made preparations for their slumber party while having our five girls all day. I picked up three of the five girls before leaving to see a friend. I can’t stand clutter or a lot of noise. I just get knackered (exhausted). My girlfriend did not mind that I left, but I felt guilty, and was only gone for two hours. I Have yet to speak with her regarding my guilt.. I feel as though I am missing the most precious moments at home. I never used to be like this. My girlfriend does not have ADHD, I do. I love to help out but only in a way that suits my ADHD. For example, my girlfriend will load up the laundry machine with a mix of all of our cloths, after she separates colours from whites. I on the other had will get Knackered and withdraw if I had to do it that way. I separate the colours from the whites as well, but I wash one persons clothing, fold and put them away before moving on to the next child's clothing. This drove my ex wife crazy but my girlfriend told me that it might be a bit inefficient but at least she does not have to do the laundry or plead with me to do it.