He is blaming me!

He is blaming me for everything and not taking responsibilities for his actions,he told me so clearly on several occasions, that we are not really married even though we really are, because I would not live with him, and disown my children.He disowned his kids and abandon them to run from child support.The mother of one of these kids would call him over a period of time telling him she needs him to send money, because the economy was at a down hill, and she was out of work,she would call crying and crying, while he did nothing even though we were now at caught ship at the time, and I too use to beg him to help her but he would fail to do so. Today he has abandon me also by not supporting me when I needed him the most.Ater we got married as I explained in one if my forums before, he had "NOTHING" no car,no money,no job,no place to stay.His mom and dad did not want to have anything to do with him, because he WAS/ IS mentally unstable, but did not know what was causing his mental illness at the time, ADHD,they still don't know anything about that.He is too ashamed to accept it,admit it.He is very good at over powering me when I am trying to tell him things that he is doing wrong.I did alot to help him before he got up on his feet,I took care of him for( four) months,nurtured him like I had milk in my bosoms,treated him like he was no stranger,even though I did not know him that well but loved him the day I laid my eye's on him.Now to date my car seem to be our trigger behind us separating,he seem to blame me for having saying he was not contributing any thing financially to help me,but when I mentioned that to him he misunderstood like he always do ,or, pretends,to play stupid and tells me he is not fixing my car.The transmission in my car is GONE! I need him more than ever before and he is using all sorts of methods and ways of blaming me for the purpose of NOT TO FIX MY CAR! I don't know what to do?I feel used up and hurt,my car is the same car he used like if it was his own.I never drove it for weeks at one time, he did all the driving, and now he has his own place, and car, he pushes me away from him with his angry tantrums,wrong accusations,FALSE pretense of wanting to help me but claims since I stated that he was not helping me financially,he is not going to help me fix my car.Wht does the finances I was talking about have any thing with him to do with fixing my car LABOR WISE? he is just running away from helping me stay independent, I knew all along that he wanted me to stay down in life,but that is so ruthless and mean.I need that car to help me survive,or I will have to pay transportation.Why he do not want to help me? I think think think,but still puzzled.Cause I could never see how he could be so cruel to me after all I have done for him.Or has he forgotten?