he Lies about everything,

My spouse lies for everything possible you could think about"little" and "big" the little things tend to piss me off,right now I am pissed off! tell me why bother lying in the first place,is it AN ADHD trait? I guess so! I am very furious right now, I need a moment to recheck my memory about certain incidents, and figure out why this has to even be a circumstance beyond his control.I went to the " seafood outlet" to purchase shrimps to cook a meal for lunch, now now this has happened, and the lady said to me"oh how are you? your husband was in here Saturday telling me that you'll went on vacation overseas for the Easter weekend"WHAT!!!!!!!!??????? in my mind I was dare to say "no dearest he has ADHD and can't control his lying!!" but instead I was trying to protect the man I love and the image he carries I said to her"sure it was beautiful"now I am a liar! lying to cover his lying"stupid" I feel stupid right now! should I confront him about this? was he trying to be a Centre of attraction to this woman? making her feel he is a money man? why lie?and even if we were taking an overseas vacation who business is it of theirs?I asked her, "did he tell you where we was going" she said"oh no,but,why are you guys back so early" I was stunned!!! the poor woman thinks my husband is the charming"husband" lol.

Maybe I am really in the wrong relationship? coming to think of all this,I am very private in my way of life,and I hate third parties involve,I assure you if these forums won't private I wouldn't vent here.This is ridiculous,why lie for any reason,I lie only not to hurt someone like for instance,If I was to go somewhere but couldn't take DD with me I would lie only to not hurt her feelings,that's it! even though after I still would tell her b/c guilt start coming my way.He lied again just recently about something he purchased in the grocery,the price in which he claims he purchased it for, is way less than the price he stated,I saw the price at the grocery,he even lied about fixing my car and the price it cost him to fix it,maybe he is lying pertaining to money to make me feel he is what he is "NOT" I am no fool and apparently he thinks I am!This is starting bother me,I want to confront him but the timing is never right and of course he would go into denial!!!! this type of lying is not acceptable at all! yes one day he would lie about something that would put him in lots of trouble I am afraid,but maybe he needs a head slam to "stop" the lying.