He refuses to do the things I want to do!

My husband is the true selfish ADHD type!and how long will I go on accepting it!?!?!?!?I can't say?It's all in the stupidness of that dysfunctional brain and I have had enough!There is no doubt of the way I love him and the things I go through with him on a day to day basis,I have been putting up with a lot and more,this is ridiculous,how much more again can I put up with?????.He has left a different city to move here and resided for 2 and a half years now, and only been settled and stabled for the last year or so when he met me.I gave him the motivation to live here and be stabled when he met me.Or he would have been like a fly all over the place,he can't stay one place he was always restless.Before we met and got married, I was like a party rock girl, I love my Journey music,my rock concerts,Air supply all 80's music is my thing,and last year was the most horrifying rock concert of my life"WITH HIM" I love to dance and rave and be carefree,I don't think I was doing anything wrong and he made my happiest time fall down that night at once.Every year a group of people bring down these bands and I look forward to them"every year"and this one that is coming up is the seventh consecutive year and I want to go my rock concert really bad.It makes me happy and all I want to do is dance and have fun with the person I love.Last year when we went that was his first rock concert with me, and he was all up for it at first,but,when he saw that I was having too much fun he turned in to this different person,he wanted to leave when the concert was only half way there and things just started heating up and I was now about having a grand time of my life."HE MADE ME SO SAD"I did not want to go,I don't know what was his trigger that night because I didn't know about the ADHD then but I now understand.Well we left the concert with me in tears and he was furious for no reason other than pure Jealousy and ADHD tantrums and anger for the simple fact I was "HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE".

The rock concert is here again!same people hosting it, different bands,all rock, and guess what I want to "GO"and I with the ability to always forget and never remembering his "MENTAL"issues told him about the upcoming concert and "suddenly" his mood changed! he is very hesitant to go,and that is what makes me happy,once a year is all I am asking for!His selfishness is beyond my control and I do not know what the heck to do any more.I am fed up!!!!!When ever he initiates things I go as plan and have a good time with him,I am not a sea person,but,I still go on that stupid boat with him,I hate to travel so much ,but, I still go with him,I hate almost all his events but still do them.Anything he want's to do I am there with him,what about my want's and my need's.Okay again I forgot ADHD! to hell away with my happiness only his happiness matters.people I hate this!