I have been married to my ADD spouse for 10 years.  He has been diagnosed and has been on meds for about a year, which he says helps him concentrate.

I am so tired of doing everything.  I am so tired of feeling like the only adult in this relationship and being responsible for all chores, income, property maintenance etc etc etc.  I am tired of asking him to do the regular things in life that have to be done but never get done i.e. renew car registration, renew insurance etc etc.

It always feels like it is a big fight/battle to get my needs met, I have to fight to get what's important to me, yet he just doesn't seem to hear/appreciate/understand what is important to me.

He is an amazing artist/carpenter.  And has been renovating our house for 10 years.  Many things remain undone and these things have driven me nuts for years!  He refuses to finish them - and berates/puts me down for even mentioning them. I have begged, pleaded, cried etc to get the last few things finished.  I have begged that we get someone in to finish the work, but that just isn't acceptable.  Years of anger and resentment are building.  He can spend crazy amounts of time doing useless things i.e. watching tv/playing videos but won't/can't take 4 hours to finish one of the undone renovation tasks.  It feels like everyone and everything else in this world comes before I do.  I feel like there is no benefit/reason/advantage for me to even be in this relationship.