Help! I think after 17 years I’m over it!

My husband has SEVERE ADHD! I also have it so this is why we have done so good for so long. I am and always will be madly In love with him but that doesn't mean I won't also be miserable with him at times.  We both started medication, with Adderral over a year ago. I took it strictly to get through nursing school. It didn't seem to work that great for me sometimes it actually made it worse. He takes it and said he helps him substantially at work, he very clearly speeds off of it me on the other hand I can take a nap and eat an entire pizza on it lol. That's great and all but work isn't the only place he needs to improve at although it is amazing to know he won't get fired for his mouth or doing dumb shit like driving a car off a lift or losing the keys to every door in the building when he was a janitor. 

It's just the little things that drive me nuts that have slowly added up along the years. The constant misplacing things, the inability to remember jack shit, the complete stern dickheadedness with the kids, and honestly the hyper sexuality was great but we are getting older and my libido isn't the same anymore so it feels more like I'm constantly getting harassed by someone at a bar. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy having sex with him but when he's hounding me I don't even want to be in the same room with him it's a major turn off and he knows it. He also just asks the absolute stupidest questions ever! Especially when meeting new people or in public, like for example we went to buy a lawn mower today and he asked the store clerk "does this come with gas in it" the clerk was like "ummmm yea no it's brand new in the box there is no gas in it" those things I used to brush off and even laugh with him about but lately it's just annoying AF! Like come on dude can you use that thing in your skull??? It doesn't help that he's a giant pothead either so he's always anything but intellectually pleasing. That is what it is, his intellect is so lacking. We have never in our relationship got to have an actual discussion about anything that requires any kind of thinking or discussing in depth. There are also so many things I love about him but I am starting to feel all the things I don't love and am desperate to have. I know I'm not alone but I don't know what to do to fix the situation, like I can't change him I know this.