why have i only realized this now???

My husband has been telling me over the last two years that there is something not quite right with me. why is it i tell him i hear what he is saying to me and that i am listening but nothing changes? my behavior and attitude stay the same and his frustration mounts. is it that i dont care? is it that i think i am always right and hes always wrong? is that i just dont care? why is it i clam up every time he brings up a difficult topic esp those which have me as the main topic. why is it that i say i will change and will do things differently, but i dont. that i constantly forget things or accident happen? its never my fault. i have always known that i am a little different and do things my own way as it were. i was diagnosed ADD as a child and now in my old age it have become more than apparent that i need to get assessed and start to know if I have adult ADHD and make my life functioning and save my marriage. and ultimately my sanity. but i wish i had this moment of enlightenment sooner so i could have avoided all this heartache and turmoil. Just hope its not too little too late.