Hi, I'm new, non ADHD wife

Hello to you all,

I did discover this site about 5 weeks ago, just as I had decided I had had enough of life with my husband of 20 years......I could go on for ages about him & how I feel like I am a 'single mother of 5 children' instead of 'married with four' etc. etc.

Many of my friends have asked why I've put up with him for all this time & not divorced him ??  The reason - I love him....but I feel all the love is one way - I often would liken myself to a faithful dog, ever true, loyal etc, but over the years he has hurt me a lot & numerous walls have gone up in defense of my feelings & at the moment I don't know if I can pull them down and start afresh...

sorry but I just don't know how to put down in words all the hurt I feel.

I went  & slept in the front room & he complained he couldln't live like that so moved out with daughter no 1 (his 1st child but my 2nd & he thinks she's god's gift & vice versa) that was the 1st Dec.

(Funny I've just sent him the blog on "for men with ADHD who aren't convinced it matters", us down to a T)

Christmas has been generally unhappy from my point of view - and although we were talking a little it was a bit strained....then christmas eve it all went wrong again....

We are paying privately for him to see a chap for diagnosis on the 9th Jan  - £300.  Still don't know wether I'm willing to try anything at the moment as I'm so fed up.....I can't face having to put up with 'his' problems - if he has ADHD (& also all the others) like this for another 20 odd years

I feel so tired I can't bee bothered to read loads of articles at the mo