Hope and optimism about success of relationship problems

Hi Melissa, This is my first attempt on this forum. My boy friend has ADHD and I learned a lot from your book; it has become my lifeline to save our relationship! Thank you so much for all the effort you have been making for others; it's incredible; I realize that it is very important to feel hopeful about the success of relationship while you are making effort to work on the issue of "ADHD effect". However, I am struggling with it and I can't find a way to feel more positive! Can you suggest some ideas? He has been started on Vyvanse 30mg; we are seeing a psychologist to help us with few issues. I see that the ups and downs are so frequent and he goes back to his old hyper and reactive self very easily when the medication wears down by evening or when he fails to keep up with his regular routine. We go back to the old pattern within no time and I am running out of patience and feel so exhausted as I too become that angry person again and again. It has become so difficult to believe that change will happen. I have to mention that it has been only two and half months since he started on medication, but our past experience goes back to almost 6 years! I am failing to trust that the change will be consistent and life feels like a wave all the time. I am getting tired..Any suggestions..? pls..